As a kitchen designer, we meet with the restaurant / hotels management to thoroughly understand the food concept so as to provide the most efficient layout and equipment selection.

Kitchen / bar layout drawings are then submitted to Customers for review & approval, together with a detailed equipment list.

Once layout has been approved, we supply a complete set of documentation, inclusive of a budget and detailed equipment specifications.

As a contract being signed with Customers, we prepare all M&E drawings (water, electricity, duct & gas networks, lighting fixtures, walls & doors schedule) that are submitted to the Customer and the M&E contractor; It is part of the service provided by our company that our Project Management Team checks the proper implementation of M&E on site during construction period, so as to ensure a smooth installation of equipment ordered.

Prior delivering equipment on site, an additional QC control is carried out by our Project Management Team, besides standard quality control process of the factory.

Installation of equipment on site is assured by a team of well-trained technicians, under the supervision of our Project Management Team who follows-up test run prior commissioning with Customers.

Whatever your needs, wherever you are, we strive to find out the most appropriate solutions for your kitchens (tailored-made equipment, remote compressors, night time installation), be it downtown Bangkok or somewhere on a tiny remote island off Krabi...

Last but not least, Hamilcar Co.,Ltd. have also the capacity to handle contruction & civil work through a privileged partnership with ATHENA SIAM Ltd. allowing Customers to have one and only one contact point for the management of their projects.